What I’m Reading (2017)

I make it a point to read “for fun” each and every day, even if only for a few minutes before I go to sleep. These are books that are not part of the classes I teach or the research I am conducting (though I read a lot that would fall under that category as well). I’m frequently asked for book recommendations, so I thought I’d start to keep a list. Titles below are books I have read or listened to since January 1, 2017. Asterisks for my most favorite.

Countdown City: The Last Policeman Book 2 (Ben Winters)

World of Trouble: The Last Policeman Book III (Ben Winters)

I Am No One (Patrick Flanery)

The Secret History (Donna Tartt, audiobook)

The Little Friend (Donna Tartt, audiobook)

I Am Pilgrim (Terry Hayes, audiobook, repeat)

Mississippi Blood (Greg Iles, audiobook)

The Sellout (Paul Beatty, audiobook)

Girls on Fire (Robin Wasserman)

The Girls (Emma Cline)

Orfeo (Richard Powers, audiobook 2x)

A Head Full of Ghosts (Paul Tremblay, audiobook)

Disappearance at Devil’s Rock (Paul Tremblay, audiobook)

And Again (Jessica Chiarella, audiobook)*

Find Me (Laura van den Berg)

Night Film (Marisha Pessl, audiobook–again)

The Steel Kiss (Jeffrey Deaver)

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (Claire North, audiobook)

The Trespasser (Tana French, audiobook)

The Secret Place (Tana French, audiobook, reread)

Children of Time (Adrian Tchaikovsky, audiobook)

So Say the Fallen (Stuart Neville)

Everyone’s an Aliebn When You’re an Aliebn Too (Jomny Sun)

The Sympathizer (Viet Thanh Nguyen, audiobook)

The Thirst (Jo Nesbø, audiobook)

The Nix (Nathan Hill, audiobook)*

How Bad Do You Want It (Matt Fitzgerald, audiobook)

Blackbirds (Chuck Wendig, audiobook).

The Guest Room (Chris Bohjalian, audiobook)

The Twelve (Justin Cronin, audiobook, repeat)

City of Mirrors (Justin Cronin, audiobook, repeat)

Dawn (Octavia Butler, audiobook)

Adulthood Rites (Octavia Butler, audiobook)

His Majesty’s Dragon: Temeraire Book 1 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

The Throne of Jade: Temeraire Book 2 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

Black Powder War: Temeraire Book 3 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

Empire of Ivory: Temeraire Book 4 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

Fox Hunter (Zoe Sharp)–Charlie Fox, I’ve missed you!

Victory of Eagles: Temeraire Book 5 (Naomi Novik, audiobook–do you notice a trend emerging?)

Tongues of Serpents: Temeraire Book 6 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

Crucible of Gold: Temeraire Book 7 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

Blood of Tyrants: Temeraire Book 8 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

League of Dragons: Temeraire Book 9 (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

Uprooted (Naomi Novik, audiobook)

The End of the World Running Club (Adrian J. Walker)

Imago (Octavia Butler, audiobook)

The Sparrow (Maria Doria Russell, audiobook)*

The Cold, Cold Ground (Adrian McKinty, audiobook)

The Last Castle (Denise Kiernan)

A List of Cages (Robin Roe, audiobook)

Duma Key (Stephen King, audiobook, repeat)

Delores Claiborne (Stephen King, audiobook)

Lisey’s Story (Stephen King, audiobook)

Lincoln in the Bardo (George Saunders)

Void Star (Zachary Mason)

Dark Matter (Blake Crouch)