November 2013 archive

Nov 27

Weekend Reading: Thanksgiving Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Whether you are traveling this week to spend the holiday with distant friends and/or family, or you are staying put, we at ProfHacker would like to wish you safe passage: empty, or at least uncongested highways, an empty middle seat or maybe just a seat behind a person who doesn’t …read… Continue Reading Weekend Reading: Thanksgiving Edition

Nov 22

Weekend Reading: Camelot Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Today, 11/23/13, the United States observes the fiftieth anniversary of John f. Kennedy’s assassination. News networks have been airing the footage of that fateful day in Dallas all morning. Social media has been taken over by various individual recollections and reprints.¬†The Atlantic published “As It Happened: The AP …read more

Nov 15

Weekend Reading: Unseasonably Cold Edition

By Erin E. Templeton ¬†Suddenly, November is halfway over and the end of the semester is looming. In my state, South Carolina, we have had unseasonably cold weather. I know that lows in the upper-20s or low-30s are routine for many of our readers, but it’s very unusual around these parts. In “Down …read more

Nov 01

Weekend Reading: Giraffe edition

By Erin E. Templeton I’m pretty sure that I have seen more images of giraffes this week than I have ever before in my entire life (and that was well before I started looking for an image to use in this post). I’m not alone. Thanks to a viral riddle this week, Facebook …read more