December 2013 archive

Dec 20

Winter Break Reading

By Erin E. Templeton As you might have guessed from the title, this is our final post of 2013. We’ll return to a light posting schedule in early January, followed by our regular schedule later that same month. If your grades aren’t in yet, we hope that they will be soon, and if you …read… Continue Reading Winter Break Reading

Dec 06

Weekend Reading: The Rise of the Machines Edition

By Erin E. Templeton We at ProfHacker like books. Apparently so do many of you. The New York Times ran an article earlier this week about the “Allure of the print book.”  Esquire followed with “The Revenge of the Printed Book.” Newsweek, which ended print circulation last year in favor of pure digital …read more

Dec 04

Runner Profile: Spartanburg Running Club December 2013

  How many miles per week? It depends–ideally somewhere around 40.   Cross-Training: My primary cross-training activity is walking my dog Parker, a Shar-pei mix from the Spartanburg Humane Society. She gets excited as soon as I put on my running shoes because she knows that when I come back from a run, it is… Continue Reading Runner Profile: Spartanburg Running Club December 2013

Dec 04

Open Thread Wednesday: Grading Workflow Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Yesterday, I shared a key ingredient in my grading workflow: “Using iAnnotate as a Grading Tool.” Before I went digital, a “magic pencil” was an essential part of my grading process. Other ProfHackers have previously posited about other important …read more

Dec 03

Using iAnnotate as a Grading Tool

By Erin E. Templeton Over the years, ProfHacker has featured several posts about grading. Back in 2010, Nels asked, “Are you locked in grading jail?” and followed up his question with another post that explained “Breaking Out of Grading Jail.” Billie Hara added “On the Comforts of Grading …read more