December 2018 archive

Dec 31

My Year in Running: 2018

7 women piled on a couch, tired and happy

In general, this was a much more difficult year than 2017. It started with a struggle and saw me scratch quite a few races that I had hoped to run. It also involved a cortisone shot to the knee. Not the first, but hopefully the last–this one really hurt. Overall, I ran 1255 miles (or… Continue Reading My Year in Running: 2018

Dec 31

Boston: Week 1

And just like that, we’re off. This first week was a good week, I think. It began on Christmas Eve and finished yesterday: As I mentioned in my previous post, this marks an ending of sorts (to 2018) and also a beginning. This first week’s workouts were a good entry back into the structure of… Continue Reading Boston: Week 1

Dec 26

And so it begins. Again.

brick path with pavement o either side. blurry building far ahead

While I’ve been keeping up my CV and my reading list here, I haven’t posted much in 2018. But today felt like a good day to crank things up again since it’s a beginning or a re-beginning of another kind: I began another marathon training cycle this morning. In exactly seventeen weeks, I’ll run marathon… Continue Reading And so it begins. Again.