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Apr 21

Marathon 5: Boston

It’s not hyperbole to say that I had been looking forward to the Boston Marathon for at least 18 months–since I qualified at Richmond in November 2017. After months of anticipation and miles of training, it was finally here. I arrived in Boston on Saturday afternoon after an electrical storm in the Carolinas delayed our… Continue Reading Marathon 5: Boston

Dec 31

My Year in Running: 2018

7 women piled on a couch, tired and happy

In general, this was a much more difficult year than 2017. It started with a struggle and saw me scratch quite a few races that I had hoped to run. It also involved a cortisone shot to the knee. Not the first, but hopefully the last–this one really hurt. Overall, I ran 1255 miles (or… Continue Reading My Year in Running: 2018

Dec 31

Boston: Week 1

And just like that, we’re off. This first week was a good week, I think. It began on Christmas Eve and finished yesterday: As I mentioned in my previous post, this marks an ending of sorts (to 2018) and also a beginning. This first week’s workouts were a good entry back into the structure of… Continue Reading Boston: Week 1

Dec 26

And so it begins. Again.

brick path with pavement o either side. blurry building far ahead

While I’ve been keeping up my CV and my reading list here, I haven’t posted much in 2018. But today felt like a good day to crank things up again since it’s a beginning or a re-beginning of another kind: I began another marathon training cycle this morning. In exactly seventeen weeks, I’ll run marathon… Continue Reading And so it begins. Again.

Dec 29

My Year in Running: 2017 Edition

Running with arms outstretched

There’s about a week left in 2017, and I’m taking a bit of a break from running to give myself a chance to rest and recover from what has been a fantabulous year of running. I’ve hit all of my goals and then some. I’m between training cycles right now, and I’m feeling both a… Continue Reading My Year in Running: 2017 Edition

Nov 13

Richmond Week 20: The Big Dance


  Race week. Tapering brings out all the feels. So does finding out that someone hit your car over the weekend and neglected to leave a note. So some, okay a lot, of my energy during the week was taken up by dealing with getting my car fixed (the damage turned out to be cosmetic,… Continue Reading Richmond Week 20: The Big Dance

Nov 06

Richmond Week 19: Taper Madness

19 in white against green

Tapering. Yes. 34.8 miles this week. After the last several weeks of 50+ miles, this week was a piece of cake, at least when it came to the legs. As for the rest, it was in like a lamb and out like a lion (Yes, I know it’s usually the other way around). Sometimes, I’m… Continue Reading Richmond Week 19: Taper Madness

Oct 29

Richmond Week 18: Or, Taper Week 1

Here I was thinking that this was week 17, and I’ve thought that all week long. But it’s actually been week 18. Counting has never been my strong suit . . . We’ll start off the recap with something that I’m excited about: as of today, 28 October 2017, I’ve run the year (In layman’s terms,… Continue Reading Richmond Week 18: Or, Taper Week 1

Oct 23

Richmond Week 17: Take it to the Limit, One More Time

Bird with wings spread on post in lake

Week 16. This was the last of the heavy-lifting weeks of this training cycle. I ran 63 miles, some of them fast. I’m not sure why this image came up when I searched for “16,” but it spoke to me. I’m not sure whether this bird is about to take off or just settling in… Continue Reading Richmond Week 17: Take it to the Limit, One More Time

Oct 15

Richmond Week 16: Friday the 13th & #ThisIs45

cake with many lit birthday candles

One more heavy week and then we start to cut back a little. This week was intense, and that’s a good thing, I think. After Sunday’s twofer in what I can only describe as The Suck that is summer-weather in October, it didn’t really get easier. Monday’s run was mercifully short–“only” 6 miles, but the… Continue Reading Richmond Week 16: Friday the 13th & #ThisIs45