May 2014 archive

May 23

Weekend Reading: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Happy Memorial Day Weekend, ProfHackers! Before we launch into the Weekend Reading, we wanted to take a moment a remember those who have served our country both at home and abroad. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Laura Miller, writer for has broken up with Amazon. …read more

May 19

Summer Reading: 2014 Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Commencement on my campus was on Saturday morning. Colleagues at other institutions in my town of Spartanburg, SC celebrated last week or today. Now that the exams are marked and the grades are in, or will be in soon, perhaps you will find a bit of time for pleasure reading. …read… Continue Reading Summer Reading: 2014 Edition

May 11

Big Sur Race Report

The 29th Annual Big Sur International Marathon was my first 26.2–what a fantastic experience. It took a lot for me to get here, and Big Sur was a race that I’ve been wanting to do since grad school–well before I was ever an actual runner. It’s a notoriously difficult course, but I figured that if I… Continue Reading Big Sur Race Report

May 06

Get GOESing with Global Entry

By Erin E. Templeton If you are a regular traveler, by now you have probably seen the PreCheck lines that allow certain travelers the privilege of not only bypassing long TSA lines but also keeping their shoes on and leaving liquids and laptops in their carry-on. Precheck membership is by application only …read more