Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 26

Weekend Reading: “Interpretive Jiggery-Pokery” Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Happy weekend, ProfHackers! This week’s subtitle is thanks to Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent against the Supreme Court’s vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act. More on that decision and others below. *When I initially drafted today’s Weekend Reading, I had a paragraph with links about the Confederate Flag and the …read… Continue Reading Weekend Reading: “Interpretive Jiggery-Pokery” Edition

Jun 19

Weekend Reading: Juneteenth Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Happy Friday ProfHackers! It’s been a difficult week to be in South Carolina between the unseasonably hot weather (it’s the South; we are used to hot summers, but not this hot this soon) and the horrible events in Charleston. Many people have offered their thoughts on the shooting at …read more

Jun 03

Open Thread Wednesday: Summer Reading Edition

By Erin E. Templeton Earlier this week, I shared my summer reading lists. Now it’s your turn. What book(s) are you looking forward to reading this summer? Do you have recommendations for our readers, either books that you loved or that you are really excited about? Do you have plans to do any …read more

Jun 01

Summer Reading: 2015 Edition

By Erin E. Templeton As summer looms, reading lists are starting to appear: 100 Books for your Summer Reading (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) 10 Essential Books for a Thought-Provoking Summer Reading (The Atlantic) The Ultimate Guide to Summer Reading (Refinery29) Best Summer Books 2015 (Publishers Weekly) Cool Books for …read more