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Oct 18

Lo-Fi Modernism: NETWORK

My keyword for this roundtable is NETWORK. When I chose it back in the early spring, I had two different meanings in mind: the digital and the professional. And I will return to those versions momentarily. But the more that, I thought about it, the more different versions spawned: mathematical, computational, social, electrical, neural, political… Continue Reading Lo-Fi Modernism: NETWORK

Jan 11

In Honor of Sam: Remarks for MLA14 (UCLA Reception)

What follows are the remarks I made for my friend Sam at the UCLA reception at MLA in January 2014. Like many, most–perhaps even all of you in attendance, words are my craft, my life. And words fail on this occasion. What is there to say? Too much. Not enough. . . Sam See was… Continue Reading In Honor of Sam: Remarks for MLA14 (UCLA Reception)