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Nov 30

On Terminators, Trump, and “The Guy” (3)

Martin Sheen as Jed Barlet standing at the podium with Presidential seal

[Part One of this piece focused on the 2003 California Governor’s Recall and argued that Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected in large part due to his fame. Part Two connected Donald Trump to Schwarzenegger and examined the role of public persona in the 2016 Presidential campaigns. Part Three comes back around the the question of public persona and charisma… Continue Reading On Terminators, Trump, and “The Guy” (3)

Nov 30

On Terminators and Trump and “The Guy” (1)

Martin Sheen

[What follows is a three-part piece that explores the effect of celebrity on American electoral politics in the 21st century. Part One examines the 2003 California Recall election. Part Two segues from the Terminator to Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential contest. Finally, Part Three connects 2016 to previous Presidential elections via Martin Sheen and… Continue Reading On Terminators and Trump and “The Guy” (1)