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Sep 25

Richmond Week 13: Working My Way Back

Number 13 in black against concrete surrounded by red brick

Are we there yet? No. But we’re getting there. Week 13 out of 20, and this week was a pretty good one. My hip is still cranky, but it’s a little bit better than it was. I found a couple of stretches in yoga class that seem to get into the spot that is at… Continue Reading Richmond Week 13: Working My Way Back

Sep 17

Richmond Week 12: Two Steps Back, One Step Forward.

pygmy hedgehog from behind

Week 12. It was a bit of a rough week, but I think it ended up okay. I hope it did. I took a few days off after my long run in Williamsport. I was worried about my hip, which has been getting cranky from time to time at the end of hard workouts, and… Continue Reading Richmond Week 12: Two Steps Back, One Step Forward.

Sep 09

Warming Up. And Melting Down. Or Richmond Week 11.

greenery with finger

I usually try to post positive things about my running. But today sucked. And it sucked hard. I’m in Pennsylvania this weekend for a wedding. I was supposed to run an easy 6 today and a hard 16 tomorrow, but since tomorrow is a travel day, I swapped. This isn’t the first time, and it… Continue Reading Warming Up. And Melting Down. Or Richmond Week 11.

Sep 03

Richmond Week 10: Back to School

Young girl with hands covering her face and an expression of despair

Week Ten was hard. I didn’t really expect it to be hard. That was probably naive of me. Classes started this week, so there are suddenly many, many more demands on my time and attention than there were even a week ago. This shift isn’t a new thing. I’m entering my eleventh year at Converse,… Continue Reading Richmond Week 10: Back to School

Aug 27

Richmond Week 9: Total Eclipse

solar eclipse totality with cloud halo

Week 9 was a hard week. It opened with a solar eclipse, which I had traveled to Columbia to view in its totality. I wasn’t sure whether I should make the trip give the looming semester and the hectic week before, but YOLO. I got up early Monday morning, and it was still really hot.… Continue Reading Richmond Week 9: Total Eclipse

Aug 20

Richmond: Week 8, Welcome (back) to Swelterville

eight ball in foreground, cue ball behind with cue lining up on left

Week 8 required more flexibility with my training schedule. I flew back from Amsterdam on Tuesday, and the trip took 20+ hours from the time that I left my hotel room at the Amsterdam Renaissance until I unlocked my front door. Most of that time was spent sitting or waiting, or sitting and waiting. But… Continue Reading Richmond: Week 8, Welcome (back) to Swelterville

Aug 10

Richmond: Week 6

number six

Week Six got slightly lost in the shuffle because I’ve been traveling, so I’m going to try to be brief here. But I don’t want to lose all momentum in this process of blogging my training. This week was not quite as hot as week 5, but the humidity was still a factor. It ws… Continue Reading Richmond: Week 6

Jul 30

Richmond Week 5: Walk In Fire

coffee mug that reads: "There's no secret. Keep going."

This week saw me back in Spartanburg running over familiar roads. It was hot and humid and sweaty. Also, I started out *really* sore from last weekend’s trail racing extravaganza. My hips, my core, my shoulders, my ankles… pretty much everything hurt everywhere possible. But in a good way. The soreness that comes from hard… Continue Reading Richmond Week 5: Walk In Fire

Jul 17

Richmond: Week 3, On the Road

white number 3 against teal background

None of the miles I ran this week were in South Carolina. Even so, some of them were hot and humid AF. 9 of them were in the rain, which was more fun than maybe it sounds. I was traveling this week, so I spent a few days in Ocean City, MD and a few… Continue Reading Richmond: Week 3, On the Road

Jul 10

Richmond: Week 2

Number 2 painted in yellow with white outline on navy background

Another hot one with a few complications and improvisations due to the 4th of July holiday, which annoyingly fell on a Tuesday. I generally think that I’m in very good shape. Or at least I thought I was in good shape. And then I went hiking/trail running with a group of ultra runners. I like… Continue Reading Richmond: Week 2