Jan 13

“Dear EzzROAR,” “Dear Anthill”: Ezra Pound, George Antheil and the Complications of Patronage

 This piece was originally published in Music and Literary Modernism—Critical Essays and Comparative Studies. Edited by Robert McParland. New York: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006. 66-86.

I am posting it here in honor of Aaron Swartz. RIP.

Dear EzzROAR Dear Anthill Templeton


Jan 09


I had been thinking of acquiring my own domain name for a while now, but attending the MLA last week crystalized my decision to do it. I’m not entirely sure why or what prompted it, but I decided that if eetempleton.com was available, I’d finally claim it. If it wasn’t, I’d curl up in a fetal position for a while while pondering other alternatives. Obviously, the fetal position wasn’t necessary, at least not until I was confronted with the overwhelming possibilities and options and themes and schemas that combine to produce a website. . .


All of this is to say, bear with me. This place is a work in progress. I’m looking forward, however, to using it as a way to consolidate my web presence: academic and personal. There may even be a cat, kitten, or dog photo here and there. Oh, who am I kidding, of course there will be fuzzy photos.