Sep 16

Some Progress

13067187205_daf5c5ef0c_zI had my check-up at the orthopedist this morning, and the good news is that there are visible signs of healing. The weirdness is that the healing is in a different place than we thought it would be, It’s back on the 3rd metatarsal rather than the first. We expected things to be happening over on the 1st based on the MRI, but signs of bone regeneration are signs of bone regeneration, and I’ll take it where i can find it.

From here, the road back to running is still a lengthy one–another four weeks before I can try. I was not surprised to hear this because while my foot feels much, much better than it did, it still feels like there is something wrong. I can get around more easily than before, but I still can’t get around easily. So my doctor and I are choosing to be conservative in order to give me the best chance possible for Paris. That means more time in the pool, which I am absolutely fine with. I start transitioning back to running shoes this week (though not for running), and next week, I can start to add short walks to the routine. Parker will be very happy to hear that!

My doctor thinks that I should be able to meet my next goal, which is to be able to run outside–if only for a little bit–on my birthday, which is just under four weeks from now. The transition back to running outdoors will have to be a slow one, so I think that I will take advantage of this opportunity to try and train Parker to run with me. I haven’t done so before because I lacked the patience for it, but I think that it could be a fun way to ease back in for both of us.

Thank you to everyone who crossed their fingers and sent good thoughts & wishes–I am grateful for the support. In the meantime, if you need me, you can probably find me in the pool.


[Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user Aurel].

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